1-02-18 Parks and Recreation Meeting Minutes

Walford Park and Recreation Minutes

Regular Meeting                                                                                                               Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm, by Ellis Roll Call: Ellis, Gann, Miner present.  Reed and Meyers absent.

Motion to approve December 5, 2017 minutes by Gann, seconded by Ellis.

Approved unanimous.

Election of officers:

Motion by Ellis to elect Miner as Secretary. Seconded by Ellis.  Approved unanimous.

Motion by Gann to elect Ellis as Chairperson.  Seconded by Miner.  Approved unanimous

Baseball discussion

Annual coaches meeting, February 6th, 2018.

Annual inventory of equipment/jerseys pending, replacement items to be identified and cost estimate for Feb meeting. Pitching machine inquiries fielded from coaches, a cost estimate of replacement of pitching machine by Feb meeting.

Softball discussion – currently no known organizer or assembly of parents for 2018.

City Clerk to arrange baseball sign up to be printed in Walford newsletter.

Discussion had around social media approach to baseball/softball sign up, pending establishment of City of Walford Facebook page

Equipment/Grounds/Trail maintenance

Discussion on closure and locking of gates of baseball diamond during winter months.  Closure of the gates prevents pedestrian traffic, not desirable, board to investigate possibility of pedestrian entrance that would then allow closure and lock of main entrance gate to vehicle traffic.

Question raised on what is the easement boundary, requires identification of easement by city.

Lighting of the walking trail and repair to diamond lights project – Parks Board to seek bids

Miner move to adjourn at 8:02 pm, seconded by Ellis.  Approved unanimous.


Amy Ellis




Pat Miner