10-20-15 City Council Meeting Minutes

Walford City Council Proceedings

Regular Meeting                                                                                                                   October 20, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by Mayor Randy Bauer.

Roll Call: Goodwin, Hoskins, Huber, and Plogman present. Kane was absent.

Hoskins moved approval of the agenda as posted, seconded by Goodwin. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Plogman moved approval of the September 14, 2015 minutes as posted and published, seconded by Hoskins. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Huber moved approval of the September 30, 2015 Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Goodwin.

Roll Call: Unanimous.

Goodwin moved approval of the October Expenditures, seconded by Hoskins. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Benton County Solid Waste Secretary, Tim Yoder was present to update Council regarding construction of new landfill cell and cost.

A number of residents were present to voice concerns with the status of property that has become for sale by the owner(s) located on 4th Street South. Mayor Bauer addressed the questions, recognizing that there are a number of unknown factors.

Huber introduced Ordinance No. 199 amending the Walford code of Ordinances 2012 by adding New Chapter 168 Entitled: Communication Towers and Antennas, on its Third Reading, seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Hoskins introduced Ordinance No. 199 on its Final Adoption, seconded by Huber. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Plogman introduced Resolution No. 10-15-1 acceptance and Final Payment of the 2015 First Street Culvert Rehabilitation Project in the amount of $1,609.68, seconded by Goodwin. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Hoskins Introduced Resolution No. 10-15-2 Authorizing City Clerk to Transfer General Fund HIFI Savings into General Fund Checking for joint First Street Project with Benton County in the amount not to exceed $250,000.00 seconded by Goodwin. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Other areas of discussion included but not limited to the following: 1st Street project complete, Patterson property update, Waggener property update, shop garage doors, semi sign, and mitigation measures.

Hoskins moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:37 p.m., seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.

September Building Permits Approved: Krousie (Addition); Bickett (Fence); Hazen (Enclosed Porch); Davis (Shed).

Month’s Receipts: (General Fund) 12,711.41; (Sewer Fund) 9,395.15; (Road Use Tax) 17,974.25; (Garbage Fund) 9,331.50; (Local Option Tax) Totals: 49,412.31.

General and Road Use Tax Expenditures:

Advanced Systems (Maint/Copy) 71.93

Alliant (Electric) 2,537.60

CJ Cooper (Physical) 90.00

Cronbaugh Excavating (Retainage) 1,609.68

Ellis, Gary (Salary) 3,148.62

Federal Tax Payment 2,067.92

Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,849.71

Gazette (Publications) 75.43

Hart Frederick Consultants (Engineer) 960.65

Holland Law Offices (Attorney) 2,526.00

Hoskins, Tyce (Website Maint) 163.99

Iowa Wireless (Cell Phone) 49.31

IPERS 1,055.16

Manatts (Concrete) 1,072.25

Menards (Concrete/Supplies) 141.04

Miracle Equipment (Parts) 33.79

Orkin (Hall Spray) 57.46

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Plotz, Matt (Labor) 2,262.00

Port”O”Jonny (Restroom) 187.00

Postmaster 171.60

Sevig Utility (Water) 26.80

South Slope (Telephone/Internet) 198.04

Treasurer of State (Withholdings) 976.06

Tiedeman, Dawn (Janitorial) 216.00

Visa Business: (BP) 301.50;

(Wal-Mart) 161.31; (Postmaster) 83.28;

(Oriental Trading) 129.98;

(K&A Equipment) 1,568.02;

(P&K Midwest) 87.70; (Target) 23.90

Yoder, Tim (Mileage) 55.20

Sewer Expenditures:

Alliant (Electric) 3,596.74

Central State Bank (Auto) 71.50

Furler Utilities (Maint/Testing) 2,600.60

Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,849.71

Oehl Plumbing & Heating 2,191.82

Postmaster 151.30

South Slope (Telephone) 34.74

Treasurer of State (Sales Tax) 140.07

Garbage Fund Expenditures:

Benton County Disposal (Tipping Fees) 745.50

Johnson County Refuse (Hauling) 5,510.25

Totals: 40,851.16


Randy Bauer




Janet L. Gann, MMC

City Clerk