11-2-11 Parks and Recreation Board Minutes

November 2nd, 2011


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Ellis. Roll call: Ellis, Meyers, Jaster and Gann present. Absent Yoder


Meyers motioned to approve minutes for October 4th, 2011 meeting. Seconded by Ellis- Roll Call-4-ayes-motion carried


Schedule Halloween Program: Halloween program went well with around eighty kids attending.


Schedule Annual Christmas Program – Santa: Date for this day is December 3rd. More information to come at a later date.


Baseball / Softball Program:  Early registration is set for  December 3rdat the community center for $25 or by contacting Tim Yoder for the early registration fee  that runs to December31st.  Registrations fee after January 1stis $30.  Motion by Gann to purchase mulch for the ball fields not to exceed $300. Seconded by Meyers – roll-call-4 ayes- motion carried.  The scoreboard is ordered for the small ball diamond and will be in soon.


Equipment and Grounds Maintenance:  No new issues at this time.


Citizen Comments:  None



Ellis motioned to adjourn meeting at 8:00 pm.  Seconded by Gann- Roll Call –

4- ayes – motion carried.






___________________                                                ___________________

Tom Meyers, Secretary                                                 Amy Ellis, Chairperson