12-11-17 City Council Meeting Minutes

Walford City Council Proceedings

Regular Meeting Monday December 11, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by Mayor Randy Bauer.
Roll Call: Bergmeier, Hoskins, Huber, Kane and Plogman. None absent.
Kane moved approval of the agenda as posted, seconded by Bergmeier. Roll Call: Unanimous.
Kane moved approval of the minutes from November 6, 2017 as posted and published seconded by Hoskins. Roll call: Unanimous.
Hoskins moved approval of the November 30, 2017 Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Kane.
Roll Call: Unanimous.
Bergmeier moved approval of the December Expenditures, seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.
Resident Matt Greiner was present to request Council review and revise city code noise language. Mayor Bauer referred incumbents to continue with consideration.
Huber introduced Resolution No. 12-17-1 approving the reappointment and Compensation schedule of City Attorney Erek Sittig, seconded by Kane. Roll Call: Unanimous.
Hoskins moved approval of the reappointment of Amy Ellis to the Park and Recreation Board, seconded by Huber. Roll Call: Unanimous.
Plogman moved approval of the renewal of Security Bond with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. for Clerk and Mayor, seconded by Kane. Roll Call: Unanimous.
Mayor Bauer, congratulated City Clerk Janet Gann, for receiving the Iowa Certificated Municipal Finance Officer Certification, from the Iowa Municipal Finance Association.
Mayor Bauer, presented plagues to Council Members Randy Hoskins and Brian Plogman, and thanked them for 8 years of service, to the City of Walford.
Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Kane, presented a plaque to Mayor Randy Bauer, and thanked him, for 14 years of service to the City of Walford.
Park and Recreation Board minutes from November 7, and December 5th, 2017 were received and placed on file.
Kane moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:12 p.m., seconded by Hoskins. Roll Call: Unanimous.
November building permits approved: Albrecht (Roof Solar Panels); Wall (Fence).
Month’s Receipts (General Fund) 21,684.92; (Sewer Fund) 10,677.66; (Road Use Tax) 16,898.31; (Local Option Tax) 5,333.70; (Garbage Fund) 9,852.80; (Tax Increment) 127.10. Revenue Totals: 64,574.49
General and Road Use Expenditures:
Absolute Security (Alarm System) 444.00
Advanced Systems (Maint/Copy) 40.50
Allegra Print (Flier) 148.75
Alliant (Electric) 2,944.44
Bauer, Randy (Salary) 1,750.00
Benton County Auditor (Sheriff Fees) 3,055.00
Bergmeier, Jesse (Council Meetings) 200.00
Burns, Marcus (Christmas Program) 60.00
Central State Bank (Loan Interest) 3,024.58
City of Fairfax (Fire Services) 34,116.50

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City of Fairfax (Library) 2,680.00
City of Norway (Fire Services) 600.00
CJ Cooper (Admin. Fee) 55.00
Ellis, Gary (Salary) 5,010.57
Evans Computer (Cloud/Tec. Support) 56.15
Federal Tax Payment (Withholdings) 1,971.54
Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,962.38
Gazette (Publications) 153.32
Holland Law Office (Attorney) 42.00
Hoskins, Randy (Council Meetings) 240.00
Huber, Mike (Council Meetings) 200.00
Iowa Wireless (Gary’s Cell Phone) 49.51
Iowa Rural Water (Membership Dues) 275.00
IPERS (Withholdings) 1,106.50
Kane, Jeff (Council Meetings) 200.00
Maka Blind (Correction) 360.00
Nationwide Mutual (Bonds) 340.00
Office Express (Office Supplies) 122.35
Plogman, Brian (Council Meetings) 240.00
Postmaster (News Letter) 170.50
Riteway Business Forms (W’2 Forms) 65.00
Sevig Utility (Water) 26.80
Solberg’s (Plaques) 303.10
South Slope (Internet/Telephone) 230.51
Tiedeman, Dawn (Janitorial) 216.00
Van Meter (Ballast/Bulbs) 158.06
Visa Business: (BP) 296.25; (Walmart) 144.32;
(Postage) 56.50; (P&K Midwest) 158.77;
(Custom Hose) 48.83; (Room makers) 550.00;
(Holiday Inn) 29.90
Wellmark Blue Cross (Health Insurance) 937.25
Sewer Fund Expenditures:
Alliant (Electric) 2,872.68
Central State Bank (Auto Accts) 105.00
Furler Utilities (Maint/Testing) 2,462.80
Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,962.37
Postmaster (Billing) 151.30
South Slope (Telephone) 37.49

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Garbage Fund Expenditures:
Benton County Landfill (Landfill) 10,241.00;
(Tipping) 1,092.50
Johnson County Refuse (Hauling) 5,742.75;
(Yard Waste/Oct.) 214.94;
(Yard Waste/Nov.) 365.54
Total Expenditures: 90,088.25

Randy Bauer


Janet L. Gann, IaCMC, IaCMFO
City Clerk

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