12-15-15 City Council Meeting Minutes

Walford City Council Proceedings

Regular Meeting                                                                                                                           December 15, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by Mayor Randy Bauer.

Roll Call: Goodwin, Huber, Kane, Plogman. Hoskins arrived at 7:02.

Goodwin moved approval of the agenda as posted, seconded by Kane. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Kane moved approval of the minutes from November 9, 2015 as posted and published, seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Plogman moved approval of the November 30, 2015 Treasurers Report, seconded by Goodwin.

Roll Call: Unanimous.

Kane moved approval of the December Expenditures, seconded by Goodwin. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Ronald Krueger, of Signal 88 Security was present to explain company-patrolling services.

Mayor Bauer suggested a cost proposal be submitted for consideration at a future meeting.

Huber introduced Resolution No. 12-15-1 approving the reappointment and Compensation Schedule of City Attorney Erek Sittig, seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Hoskins moved approval of the reappointment of City Engineer Hart Frederick Consultants, seconded by Kane. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Plogman moved approval of the reappointment of Ronnie Gann and Patrick Miner to the Park and Recreation Board, seconded by Kane. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Kane moved approval of the LL Pelling Co. 2016 Seal Coat Proposal, seconded by Hoskins.

Roll Call: Unanimous.

Brief discussion was held regarding Hwy 151 Slurry Seal Project scheduled for 2016.

IPERS compliance review was held on Friday December 11, 2015; Clerk reported city is in compliance of all reporting requirements.

Mayor Bauer, thanked Lonny Goodwin for his service to the community and presented an

appreciation plaque.

Other areas of discussion included but not limited to the following: Patterson/City property status, Waggener property status, new website design, city sign repair, and possible tax incentives for new businesses.

Kane moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 p.m., seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous

November Building Permits approved: Scott (Shed); Patrick (Shed); ATC RV (Signs).

Months Receipts: (General Fund) 20,803.78; (Sewer Fund) 9,807.45; (Garbage Fund) 9,810.71; (Local Option Tax) 2,470.25; (Road Use Tax) 15,639.34. Totals: 58,531.53.

General and Road Use Expenditures:

Absolute Security (Installation) 3,439.00

Advanced Systems (Maint/Copy) 60.09

Alliant (Electric) 2,463.37

Allied Insurance (Bonds) 340.00

Bauer, Randy (Salary) 1,750.00

Benton County Auditor (Sheriff) 2,925.00

(Election) 3,597.23

Burns, Marcus (Christmas Program) 60.00

Business Forms (Office Supplies) 59.00

B & W Lock Company (Station Lock) 620.00

Central State Bank (Loan Interest) 4,385.65

City of Fairfax (Fire Services) 32,321.00

(Library) 2,680.00

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City of Norway (Fire Services) 500.00

CJ Cooper (Admin Fee) 35.00

Clerk of Court (Filing Fee) 60.00

DW Zinser (Asbestos Removal) 1,200.00

Ellis, Gary (Salary) 3,148.62

(Gas) 31.57

Evans Computer (Tec Support) 45.00

Federal Tax Payment 1,895.90

Future Line Truck Equip (Parts) 215.40

Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,849.71

(Mileage) 32.20

Gazette (Publications) 47.38

Goodwin, Lonny (Meetings) 200.00

Graybill Communications (Siren Batteries) 489.84

Hart Fredrick Consultants (Engineer) 2,754.20

Holland Law Office (Attorney) 325.00

Hoskins, Randy (Meetings) 200.00

Hoskins, Tyce (Website) 347.98

Huber, Mike (Meetings) 160.00

Iowa Rural Water (Membership) 275.00

Iowa Wireless (Cell Phone) 49.37

IPERS 1,061.86

Kane, Jeff (Meetings) 200.00

Lefebure, Mike (Labor) 40.00

Menards (Supplies) 151.32

Overhead Doors (Door Replacement) 10,300.00

Pace Supply (Ice Melt) 661.50

Plogman, Brian (Meetings) 240.00

(Plowing) 150.00

Postmaster (News Letter) 85.80

Sankot’s Garage (Repair) 416.52

Sevig Utility (Water) 26.80

Solberg’s (Plaque/Engraving) 191.90

South Slope (Telephone/Internet) 205.04

Tiedeman, Dawn (Janitorial) 162.00

Treasurer of State (Penalty) 62.03

Visa Business: (BP) 270.00;

(Wal-Mart) 239.20; (Staples) 17.28;

(Tractor Supply) 193.68; (Grainger) 26.65

(South Slope) 208.77

Wellmark Blue Cross (Health Insurance) 8,445.72

Sewer Fund Expenditures:

Alliant (Electric) 2,658.43

Central State Bank (Auto) 76.00

BlueBook (Buffer) 57.34

Furler Utilities (Maint/Testing) 2,463.80

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Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,849.71

Iowa One Call (Locations) 27.00

Office Express (Monitor) 314.56

Postmaster (Billing) 151.30

Roggentien Electric (Grease) 63.16

South Slope (Telephone) 34.74

Garbage Fund Expenditures:

Benton County Disposal (Landfill/Tipping) 12,634.50

Johnson County Refuse (Hauling) 5,510.25

Totals: 117,759.37


Randy Bauer




Janet L. Gann, MMC

City Clerk