2-8-16 City Council Meeting Minutes

Walford City Council Proceedings

Regular Meeting                                                                                                               February 8, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by Mayor Randy Bauer.

Roll Call: Bergmeier, Hoskins, Huber, Kane, and Plogman were present. None absent.

Kane moved approval of the agenda as posted, seconded by Hoskins. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Kane moved approval of the January 11, 2016 minutes as published and posted, seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Huber moved approval of the January 31, 2016 Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Bergmeier.

Roll Call: Unanimous.

Plogman moved approval of the February Expenditures, seconded by Kane. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Resident Bob Feiereisen was present to update Council regarding Veterans Pellet Shooting Club Program.

Program moving forward with this Saturday February 13. 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. All is welcome.

Plogman moved to reject all three 2003 Ford Pickup Truck Bids, seconded Hoskins.

Roll Call: Unanimous. Bids rejected due to low offers.

Resolution No. 2-16-1 awarding the 2003 Ford Pickup Truck sale was tabled for rebidding.

Kane introduced Resolution No. 2-16-2 rescheduling the March regular meeting from Monday March 14, 2016 to Monday March 7, 2016, seconded by Huber. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Plogman moved approval of the renewal of the General and Sewer Fund month CD’s, seconded by Kane. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Mayor and Council reviewed the July1-December 31, 2015 Sheriff Report. Report placed on file.

Mayor Bauer appointed Council Member Jeff Kane as Mayor Pro Tem. Kane accepted the appointment.

Preliminary FY 16/17 Budget expenditures and revenues were reviewed for publication.

Huber moved to set Public Hearing date of March 7, 2016 at 7:00 p.m., for the FY 16/17 Budget, seconded by Kane. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Park and Recreation Board minutes from February 2, 2016 received and placed on file.

Other Areas of discussion included but not limited to the following: Waggener legal status.

Kane moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:34 p.m., seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.

January Building Permits Approved: None.

Months Receipts: (General Fund) 10,440.63; (Sewer Fund) 10,565.27; (Road Use Tax) 13,157.11; (Garbage Fund) 10,268.62; (Local Option Tax) 3,979.55. Total Revenues: 48,411.18.

General and Road Use Tax Expenditures:

Advanced Systems (Copy/Count) 54.44

Alliant (Electric) 3,317.54

Bake Paper (Trash Bags) 181.80

Benton County Engineer (1st Street Project) 249,007.50

Benton County Title Company (Title Search) 110.00

Ellis, Gary (Salary) 3,148.62

Federal Tax Payment 2,344.74

Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,849.71

Gazette (Publications) 149.06

Holland Law Office (Attorney) 517.50

Iowa Association of Utilities (Dues) 290.00

Iowa Wireless (Cell Phone) 49.53

IPERS 1,285.39

Ken-Way Trucking (Culvert Repair) 4,080.34

Lefebure, Mike (Snow Plowing) 210.00

Menards (Supplies) 45.82

Office Express (Office Supplies) 137.58

Postmaster (News Letter) 87.45

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Sevig Utility (Water) 26.80

South Slope (Telephone) 205.30

Tiedeman, Dawn (Janitorial) 153.00

Van Meter (Lamps/Ballast) 131.42

Visa: (BP) 328.85

Sewer Fund Expenditures:

Alliant (Electric) 3,094.43

Central State Bank (Auto) 78.50

Furler Utilities (Maint/Testing) 3,079.80

Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,849.71

Iowa One Call (Locations) 2.80

Postmaster (Billing) 155.75

South Slope (Telephone) 34.92

Storey Kenworthy (Bill Forms) 468.08

Garbage Fund Expenditures:

Benton County Disposal (Tipping) 433.75

Johnson County Refuse (Hauling) 5,498.40

Total Expenditures: 282,408.53.


Randy Bauer




Janet L. Gann, MMC

City Clerk