7-14-14 City Council Meeting Minutes


Walford City Council Proceedings

Regular Meeting                                                                                                                                       July 14, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by Mayor Mark Carter.

Roll Call: Goodwin, Hoskins, and Plogman were present. Huber and Kane were absent.

Goodwin moved approval of the agenda as posted, seconded by Hoskins. Roll Call: Unanimous

Hoskins moved approval of the minutes from June 30, 2014 as posted and published, seconded by Goodwin. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Goodwin moved approval of the June 30, 2014 Treasurers Report, seconded by Plogman.

Roll Call: Unanimous.

Hoskins moved approval of the July Expenditures, seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.

Plogman moved approval of the State Outstanding Obligation Report, seconded by Hoskins.

Roll Call: Unanimous.

Goodwin introduced Resolution No. 7-14-1 approving Final Pay Estimate of $5,112.15 and Acceptance of Work to Hansen Asphalt for the 2014 Pedestrian Trail Project, seconded by Hoskins. 

Roll Call: Unanimous.

Hoskins introduced Resolution No. 7-14-2 authorizing City Clerk to Transfer General Fund Revenue into Debt Service Fund for Maintenance Building Loan Payment, seconded by Goodwin.

Roll Call: Unanimous.

Other areas of discussion included but not limited to the following: Sewer plant repairs, Landfill Commission update, garbage/recycle collection service, street weight embargo, Semi parking, chicken permits, and delinquent accounts.

Hoskins moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:39 pm., seconded by Plogman. Roll Call: Unanimous.

June Building Permits Approved: Scott (Fence), Scott (Fence).

Months Receipt: (General Fund) 5,892.32; (Sewer Fund) 9,730.92; (Road Use Tax) 13,464.67; (Garbage Fund) 9,796.52; (Local Option Tax) 3,475.58. Total Revenues: 42,360.01.

General Fund and Road Use Tax Expenditures:

Advanced Systems (Copy/Maint) 88.05

Alliant (Electric) 2,290.28

CJ Cooper (Testing) 52.00

Dan’s Overhead Doors (Door Repairs) 555.74

Ellis, Gary (Salary) 3,056.92

Evans Computer Consulting (Tech Support) 135.00

Federal Tax Payment 1,953.73

Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,795.83

Gazette (Publications) 359.78

Hansen Asphalt (Trail) 5,112.15

Hart-Frederick (Engineer) 701.00

Hoskins, Tyce (Website) 20.00

IIMC (Annual Dues) 145.00

IMFOA (Cert. Renewal) 25.00

Iowa League of Cities (Dues) 847.00

Iowa Patch (Street Patch) 669.20

Iowa Wireless (Cell Phone) 49.39

IPERS (Withholdings) 1,220.89

L.L. Pelling (Street Work) 42,670.37

Orkin (Hall Spray) 56.62

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Plotz, Matt (Labor) 585.00

Postmaster (News Letter) 85.80

Port”O”Jonny (Restrooms) 237.00

Sevig Utility (Water) 26.80

Sled Shed (Parts) 36.17

South Slope (Telephone/Internet) 186.19

Tiedeman, Dawn (Janitorial) 270.00

Treasurer of State (Withholdings) 265.83

(Sales Tax) 100.00

Visa Business: (Postmaster) 26.45; (BP) 341.25

(Hilton) 1,143.86; (Wal-Mart) 95.60

Wellmark Bluecross (Insurance) 5,781.54

Sewer Fund Expenditures:

Alliant (Electric) 2,972.04

Central State Bank (Auto) 60.00

Furler Utilities (Maint/Testing) 3,126.18

Gann, Janet (Salary) 1,795.83

Iowa One Call (Locations) 31.50

Postmaster (Billing) 149.60

Treasurer State (Sales Tax) 153.00

Waste Management (Dumpster) 26.00

Garbage Fund Expenditures:

Waste Management (Hauling) 5,905.00

Totals: 85,204.59


Mark Carter




Janet L. Gann, MMC

City Clerk