Garbage and Recycling is picked up by Johnson County Refuse (No Holiday Delay)


$22.00 Per Month


Pick up is on Fridays


Have to curb by 6:00 A.M.


Johnson County Refuse will be delivering one green recycle container per household for paper products only to supplement the containers you already have.


Please Use the following Guide lines for collection:


Collect up to 2 cans or bags per household per week. No container or bag larger than 35 gallons. Additional can or bags up to 35 gallon would need to be tagged with one sticker costing $1.50 each. Tags May be purchased at Walford BP or City Hall.

2 – 32 Gallon Can Limit  – Weight not to exceed 35 pounds per container

For additional Garbage tags are available for $1.50 at BP and Clerks Office


Blue Recycle Bin provided by city
Possible one day delay for Holidays




Plastics:       Plastic bottle and dish container with the recycle emblem #1-7 on bottom

                     Containers washed clean and co-mingled in container

Metal:         Tin and aluminum food and beverage cans.

                     Containers washed and cleaned and in co-mingled in container

Glass:          Clear, brown, blue and green bottles and jars

Cardboard: Corrugated & chip-board card board

                      All cardboard must be flattened

Paper:          Newspaper, magazines, phonebooks, junk mail, computer paper, and envelopes.



Questions Contact:

Johnson County Refuse

P.O. Box 200

North Liberty, Iowa 52317

319-665-4498 (Office) Steve Smith (Cell) 319-330-1726



It is unlawful for a person to throw or deposit on any sidewalk any glass, nails, glass bottle, tacks, wire, cans, trash, garbage, rubbish, litter, offal, or any other debris, or any substance likely to injure any person, animal or vehicle. (Code of Iowa, 364.12 [2])   Residential waste containers, whether they be reusable, portable containers or heavy-duty disposable garbage bags, shall be of sufficient capacity, and leakproof and waterproof. Disposable containers shall be securely fastened, and reusable containers shall be fitted with a fly-tight lid which shall be kept in place except when depositing or removing the contents of the container. Reusable containers shall also be lightweight and of sturdy construction and have suitable lifting devices.
Residential solid waste containers shall be stored upon the residential premises. Commercial solid waste containers shall be stored upon private property, unless the owner has been granted written permission from the City to use public property for such purposes. The storage site shall be well drained; fully accessible to collection equipment, public health personnel and fire inspection personnel. All owners of residential and commercial premises shall be responsible for proper storage of all garbage and yard waste to prevent materials from being blown or scattered around neighboring yards and streets. (Code of Iowa, 439)

Bulky Item List:

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